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Besuch des Präsidenten der IPA USA Region #39

Der Präsident der IPA USA Region 39, John Nabet, war vom 22.Mai bis 11. Juni 2012 mit seiner Frau Christa sowie den IPA Freunden Mike und Erica Reis auf  Besuch in Tirol. Anbei sein Bericht in den Presidents Message July 2012:

My wife Christa and I and another couple have just returned from an IPA vacation in Austria. We spent 20 days in and about Austria, Italy and Germany. Last Sept. I filled out a travel form for our vacation and followed the IPA procedure in contacting the IPA Tyrol Austria. I heard back from an officer by the name of Walter Schlauer of the Austrian Police.  He would be our contact for our needs. To say that he was a help would be a gross understatement, not only did he find us a place to stay that was within our means but he was at the airport when we arrived. He took us to our hotel and then brought us to his home for supper. At this time we met Walters mother, his wife Veronica and son Daniel.

Daniel was at golf school when we arrived , from what we heard he is a promising golf student. Walter shoots in the low 70s and Daniel outplays him. They all love the game. We were staying in  the town of Rinn about 15 km  From Innsbruck. Walter had advised us not to rent a car due to the cost , instead he gave us one of his cars to use, and use it we did. We were on the road every day, we spent 2 days in Italy and  3 days in Germany. While in Germany we met up with Christa brother Wolfgang and his wife. A good time was had by all. I will not bother you with all the details but it suffices to say that it was a wonderful trip and a great experience. None of this would have happened it not for the IPA. This is my second trip to Europe using the IPA and I can not say enough about our brothers and sisters across the pond. I have included a few photos of our trip. Just a few, I took over 500 pictures. All on one little card. Actually we did not do anything with the PD over there because we were on the go so much. Walter had wanted us to come up to the Police Academy where he works but there was no time. If anyone is interested in Innsbruck let me know I picked up some great information on the area and you can always contact Walter.. I con not say enough about him and his family. They could not do enough for us.

    Yours in Friendship,


  John Nabet


  Region #39"

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